Russia Calls For Syria Elections

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Looks like Assad’s visit to Moscow this week might not of worked, because now Russia is saying they want elections in Syria…

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the Kremlin wanted Syria to prepare for parliamentary and presidential elections, as Moscow intensified its drive to convert its increased clout with Damascus into a political settlement.

Lavrov said he wanted Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to be included as well as Iran, and spoke of the need for the European Union to start to play a bigger role too.

He said he felt other countries were finally beginning to better understand the Syrian situation despite their continued criticism of Assad, a shift he said gave Moscow hope that the political process could move forward in the foreseeable future.

Reports coming out of the meeting between Putin and Assad, was that it was a little chilly and obvious the two leaders do not like each other.  Russia has also made a very interesting offer and statement about opposition forces, that leaves the Obama administration scratching their heads.  See on next page…

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