Planned Parenthood Lives Another Day

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Looks like the threat to shutdown the government to de-fund Planned Parenthood was overwhelmingly defeated in both houses of congress yesterday.  This is surprising after all the noise coming out of the Planned Parenthood hearings and the far right in the House of representatives.   I actually thought this vote would be much closer, but what does it man going forward under a new Speaker of the House?

Congress forestalled a federal government shutdown Wednesday, but with another fiscal deadline looming, Republican leaders are opening negotiations with President Obama to prevent the next crisis.

Hours before a midnight deadline, the House overwhelmingly approved legislation to fund government offices and services through Dec. 11 — without any of the cuts to Planned Parenthood that conservatives sought.

The strong bipartisan vote, 277-151, matched a similar compromise in the Senate, which passed the bill earlier Wednesday, 78-20, with more than half of Republicans joining Democrats in voting in favor.

Source: LA Times

After listening to the next Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy I thought there would at least be a statement vote out of the House showing support for McCarthy’s proposed plans.   Listen to what he said about his agenda if elected Speaker.


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