House Republicans Vote to Dismantle ObamaCare

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62 and counting, that is how many time the Republican House has now voted to de-fund all of or part of Obamacare.  Today they voted for the 62nd time to send legislation to the senate that will gut Obamacare and de-fund  planned parenthood for a year.  While they have made it easier for the Republican controlled Senate to pass this bill, they know the President will veto this bill.

This is just another reason the American people are fed-up with Washington, this is nothing more than a statement vote that has no chance to pass.  So instead of working on legislation that could help this country, like immigration legislation or a jobs bill to put people to work and repair are crumbling national infrastructure.

This vote is assured to be the talking points for the rest of the 2016 Presidential campaign, with both sides sure to spin it to the advantage of their base…  the question is how will independents and moderates from both parties look at this.

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