America’s Healthcare Scam

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A couple years ago I wrote a book called “Trapped in America’s Healthcare Scam” it was during all the debates on what Obamacare would do to this country, but it had nothing to do with Obamacare.  The fact is Obamacare no matter what you think of it did not even attempted to address the real issues with America’s healthcare system.

As I point out in the book, we don’t even have a healthcare system in this country, we have a ” For-profit Symptom Care System”  The system is controlled by pharmaceutical, healthcare conglomerates and insurance companies who all have as their primary objective the good of their stock holders and that means profits.

Before I go on, let me set something straight…  I believe that doctors, healthcare providers, first responders and anyone in the healthcare field should be paid top money if they are good at what they do. What I don’t believe is that these companies should be publicly traded and have more of an obligation to the bottom line than the services they provide. I think they should all actually be non-profit.

Listen the point I’m trying to make is, that there is very little money in curing a chronic decease, like Type II diabetes, BUT there is a ton of money in selling drugs to control the symptoms off the decease.   This is the fact with almost all chronic deceases, the money is in the treatments, whether it is an expensive test or another drug.

Type II diabetes can be reversed without any long term drugs, yet a pill is the first think prescribed with very little if any (depending on your doctor) effort on reversing the decease with a simple diet change.

If you don’t believe that this so called healthcare system is based almost totally on profits, just find someone that does the scheduling for a doctors office.  Ask that person, who has a better chance of getting to see the doctor on short notice, a drug rep, or you?

The day of the private practice doctors are all but in the past, most work for a for-profit company that dictates how many patience they see per hour and pushes for more profits.

We all need to take control of our own health care, by being a informed patient and understanding and knowing the right questions to ask our doctors, that and know how to find the right doctor who has not totally bought into the for-profits system.

I am not the only one that see this, take a look at the video on the next page…

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